The initiative is important, because this campaign is rare in Brazil due to the lack of awareness on the issue of the right to leisure for all.

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The initiative is important, as this campaign is rare in Brazil, due to the lack of awareness about the issue of the right to leisure for all. People found out and commented that they had never stopped to think about this problem. It is natural, for those who listen, that the Brazilian film does not need to have subtitles in Portuguese. Therefore, people are increasingly interested in supporting this movement.


This site is part of the audio visual subtitles campaign for the hearing impaired.


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The shirt was designed with the aim of making the population aware of the difficulties for deaf people.


We have made available some of our campaign files. Click and spread this idea.

"This site is part of the campaign for subtitles in national films for deaf people to access these cultural products. Those who are deaf do not understand Brazilian films and cartoons, because they do not hear them completely and do not have subtitles."

— Marcelo Pedrosa

"This site gives tips and information to fight for your rights to have subtitles and Libras window in cinemas and televisions, this is not a favor but a duty!"

— Rafael Emil


“Caption for those who don't hear, but get emotional!” is a publicity and awareness campaign in favor of people with hearing impairment to have access to national films and plays through communication such as subtitles.

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