The Campaign

This site is part of the visual audio caption campaign for hearing impaired people accessing these cultural products. For those who do not listen do not understand what is transmitted in audio to their own language.

The initiative is important, because this campaign is rare in Brazil due to a lack of awareness about the issue of the right to leisure for all. That is why people are increasingly interested in supporting this movement.

The subtitle campaign was an idea of mine. I have a hearing impairment with a deep degree, but I get a big gain with the use of hearing devices.

My friends decided to go to CINE-PE together – 2004 Audiovisual Festival, in the city of Recife / PE, to see several national films and I felt left out. So I thought, “What am I waiting for?”

On the last day of CINE-PE (May 5, 2004), about one hundred friends and relatives went to the Pernambuco Convention Center, the festival’s headquarters, to support the campaign on the need to use legend in the national film. And people continue joining.

My aim is to increase the number of people aware of the rights of the deaf and thus have the strength to struggle for an ideal of equality in leisure activities. It is appropriate to remember the famous quote: “If there was no hope, we would not be fighting.” Marcelo de Carvalho Pedrosa