Signed down

Hello guys!
We are releasing more The Campaign this time around the world. We launch new arts of printed shirts in 6 languages!
So why did the campaign decide to spread around the world? Because there is a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities created by the United Nations – UN – that there are several countries that have ratified, registered and recognized this Convention.

The countries that agree 100% of this Convention are Argentina, Austria, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and among others.
So, what does this Convention mean? There is Article 09, which we have the right to access through sign language, descriptive legend, audiodescription, braille and other communicational accessibility features.

So, will your friends and family in your country know that we have rights?
For it is, in addition, this convention has another article, which is 21, a legal endorsement that says, we deaf, we have the right to express ourselves in terms of freedom of expression and opinion and how you fight and dress our shirt idea? If we can, we will show everyone that we are conscious citizens and we need to have these rights to culture, including theater, cinema, concert, auditorium, television and Internet and any similar audiovisuals.

So, thank you for your initiative to acquire the art of the shirt and make it to expand our fight. Thank you!