12 min

Fiction | Comedy | Assistive technology | Reflection | Educational

 Free censorship

The film portrays the daily lives of people with sensory disabilities and the relationship with assistive technologies, opening an inclusive look at the accessible configuration on streaming platforms.

Audio descriptions are available here as there is no option for languages in audio descriptions across platforms:
– German [The link for the short film with AD in German is under construction];
– Spanish [The link for the short film AD in Spanish is under construction];
English (The link of the short film with AD in English);
– Italian [The link for the short film with AD in Italian is under construction];
Portuguese (short film link with AD in Portuguese).

Sign language window:
– International Sign Language [Link in ISL is under construction];
– Brazilian Sign Language – Libras.

Original short film.

The creator of Legenda Nacional was contemplated with an award in the Edict of Fruition of the Aldir Blanc Law of 2021. The money was used to cover the costs with the production of the short film.

The aim is to show that there is no inclusive configuration on the available streaming platforms.

Links to download the art of foreign shirts:


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